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Our core strength is our belief that education systems are complex and therefore requires shared goals, and national policies that put learning at the centre. Strong education systems are inclusive and gender equitable. 

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Felicitas means happiness. We believe that it is very important for students and teachers to have a positive learning environment. Every educational institution, be it early learning stage or higher education, should be able to provide its students with a peaceful and happy environment. We are a professionally run consulting company dedicated to transforming education from a mundane learning to dynamic outcome-based learning.


Services We Provide

School- Initiatives & Interventions

New Courses
Skills development
Initiating International curriculum
Making the courses NEP ready
Evaluation and Assessment of the curriculum

Higher Education Institutions

Introduction of Skill development programms
Making the institution NAAC compliant
Setting up the IQAC compliant parametres.
Organising academic events such as conferences, workshops etc.
Feasibility and marketability of new programmes
Representing the Institution in Foreign Universities


Working with Government agencies to implement government schemes related to education.
Implementation of skill-based education at rural levels
Soft skill training for Government staff and teachers
Organizing events

Educational Organisations

Organising events and representing foreign educational institutions
Counselling of student for higher studies
Implementing experiential education

Parents & Students

Counselling and advice on study abroad programmes of a student choice
Focus on Liberal arts, social sciences and humanities
Complete assessment and evaluation of student profiles
Assistance for admissions in international and domestic institutions/ Visa processing etc.

Why choose Felicitas Educational Consultancy Services?

Our global team consists of dedicated professionals, who have vast experience of working with educational institutions. We offer Avant Garde services to promote transformation in education sector, from early learners to higher education that would develop good human beings capable of rational thought and action who would possess empathy, courage and resilience, scientific temper and imagination. We are committed to introducing a wide range of innovative interventions/initiatives across complex education system achieve country wise goals, be it the UNICEF model or the National Education Policy 2020 in India. We specialise in the development and deployment of curriculum, pedagogy, assessment, inclusion, and other domains that lead to accessible, qualitative, equitable, joyful ways of engaging education.


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